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This site,  was created in August 2006.  At that
, my step son, Matthew Bumpus, had been diagnosed with leukemia,
his chromosome analysis revealed chromosome aberrations that were
most likely linked to chemical exposure.   
 Given our very limited
knowledge, medically or technically, we assumed the chemical exposure
was related to radiation and started this site to see if other soldiers or
veterans were suffering from similar exposure
and, if so, to band
together to seek help.  
Over the past six years we have found hundreds
of veterans that may have been affected by chemical exposure, or rather
they have found us.  Even today, October 2012, some veterans and their
families have reached us through this site, for them and in honor of all
those listed on this site we continue to keep this site on line.  

In 2008, we came to the conclusion that radiation was one of many
possible types of exposure and with this in mind created a new web site, to more accurately reflects what is
happening to our active service members and veterans after being
exposed to chemicals in Iraq or Afghanistan.  
Please visit us at Gulf War
Chemicals to find the most updated information, as this site is left on-line
to mainly to serve as a tribute and is not kept up to date.

Thank you and bless you for your attention to this issue,

Laura Bumpus
Founder 10-12-2012

Chemical Exposure and our Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans
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