About Us
    June 2009

    This site has been created in honor of those soldiers who have given their lives in service of our Country and
    for those who are currently suffering from leukemia or other cancers that are related to their military service.
    This site was started in August 2006 when my step-son, Matthew Bumpus, was diagnosed with Acute
    Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) which his doctors linked to chromosome damage due to radiation/chemical
    exposure. Matt had never, to his knowledge, been exposed to radiation. He had, however, served in Iraq, in
    heavy combat. He had been home for a year and a half before the AML struck. After a valiant battle with his
    Leukemia, Matt died on Sunday morning, August 3rd, 2008, at Sutter Roseville Hospital in California,
    surrounded by family and friends.

    .As I researched this I came across information of other veterans who had also contracted AML and/or other
    cancers after being home for a year or two. It is with great sorrow, I tell you that the majority of these soldiers
    did not survive their battle with leukemia/cancer. It is with great shame that I share with you that the V.A. did
    not even assist their families with their burials or give these soldiers the honor they were due.

    Last month we received a denial from the V.A. on Matt’s claim.  This was not unexpected, based on everything
    we have heard about the V.A.  I believe I have located a good V.A. attorney, Michael Packard of Texas, who is
    willing to battle the V.A. on Matt’s behalf and indeed for any other veteran who may need similar assistance.
    Mr. Packard and I are working out the details now. This is good news, in that fighting the V.A. is feeling like
    David vs. Goliath.

    We are in the process of starting a new web site that will more accurately reflect what happened to Matt and
    other veterans after being exposed to chemicals in Iraq and contracting AML or other cancers. The new web
    site is www.gulfwarchemicals.com and it is under construction now. At this time, the site is under creation and
    we are in the process of putting everything together and posting it, so please be patient.

    Over all there are now at least 24 veterans who like Matt, contracted AML, after serving in Iraq. Additionally
    there are many others who are suffering from other cancers, respiration problems, etc.  I have done a lot of
    research on this subject (I now have nearly 15 binders full of medical research, toxic chemical research, etc)
    and I have been assisted greatly  by an amazing assortment of dedicated people in pursuing this.

    One of the things I have been looking into is the burn pits in Iraq. KBR is a company that was charged by the
    DOD to do all sanitation in Iraq and Afghanistan – their method of dealing with everything was to burn it. KBR
    used open burn pits without regard to the toxicity of doing so.  We are now learning of the perils of such
    actions and very likely Matt and all of the other veterans’ chemical exposure is related to this.  Many of the
    families that have been so affected are joining in a class action lawsuit against KBR with Burke O’Neil LLC of
    Virginia, the suit involves about 50 veterans who have illnesses related to chemical exposure.

    The Assistant National Legislative Director of Disabled American Veterans, Kerry Baker, is also working very
    hard for this cause. Recently a Bill has been placed before the House Of Representatives entitled “Military
    Personnel War Zone Toxic Exposure Prevention Act” and hopefully that will pass and prevent any further
    instances of those serving in Iraq from experiencing chemical exposure and related illnesses.

    Additionally the subject is beginning to get a lot of attention in the media. Locally, in Sacramento, Edie Lambert
    with KCRA has been working on a feature story and I know that other stories are cropping up all over the
    United States. The more the better, I truly believe that getting this information out in the public is one of the
    best ways to assist veterans and their families.  

    I also wanted to tell you about the “Be the Match Marrowthon” which is being held by the National Bone Marrow
    Registry from June 8-22, 2009 at which time joining the registry is free!  You can even do it on-line!  I am
    attaching a flier for you to hopefully post.  As you know for many AML victims a bone marrow transplant is their
    greatest chance for recovery.  In fact, I am very happy to report that this week Joshua Barber had his bone
    marrow transplant and is doing very well!  For a little paperwork and a cheek swab you have the chance to
    save a life.  For additional information go to www.bethematch.org or to www.bloodsource.org.

    Right now across America there are many dedicated people training for the “Team In Training Marathon” an
    enormous national marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  For additional information on this you
    can go to www.teamintraing.org  or see the Events page on the new web site www.gulfwarchemicals.com

    When some of the above is in the capable hands of lawyers and the web site is up and running the next focus
    will be to start a non-profit educational foundation. Given that we, with the little work we have done, know of so
    many veterans who have had chemical exposure and subsequent illness I think public education is critical.

    If you have any questions or if I can assist you in finding out more about any of the above please don’t
    hesitate to contact me.
    Thank You Very Much,

    Laura Bumpus

Chemical Exposure to Our Iraq Vets &
Ensuing Leukemia/Cancer
Please visit our current site at www.gulfwarchemicals.com